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BlackFort Network Updates

BlackFort Network Updates

Yesterday 07/09, during a special zoom session with the company International Sales Director, Franz Erlacher, the over 100 french speaking participants had the opportunity to have the latest updates before having confirmation that the BXN will be listed on exchanges very soon. Here are the main points :

  • Nearly 60.000 wallets active wallets connected – weekly record-breaking – AirDrop campaign still underway
  • Nearly 100.000 nodes sold – 204.000 left – unique 3 day promotion still underway
  • Company working closely with high tech partners and DApps projects
  • Next main event in Rome, Italy on the 28th October will reveal other exciting updates and many other exiciting rewards. Top management will attend the meeting.
  • Electronic Debit/Credit cards coming soon
  • Investing DeFi Real-Estate Opportunities on launch in Dubai


T’as le choix de rester à quai ou prendre part à l’évolution technologique du Web3decentralisé. Listing sur les bourses mondiales pour bientôt 💎💎💎


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